Prime College provides the students with innumerable opportunities which helps them grow and strengthen the skills required for a successful future. With a wide range of activities and trainings, Prime college strives to develop versatility amongst the students to help them propel to new heights.

Prime aspires to provide special trainings and workshops to students in order to boost their “Hard” and “Soft” skills. Hard Skills are mainly associated with technical knowledge and abilities that are required when performing a specific job. These skills are easy to measure, observe and quantify and are often used to single out the candidates during an interview. The Value Added Courses that focus on these skills include everything from Stock Market Investment training to Coding in Python. On the other hand, soft skills are often intangible and are associated with non-technical abilities . These skills include personal qualities or attributes that make a candidate a suitable team member to work within an organization.  

The following is a list of all Value Added Courses we currently offer at Prime:


This is an introductory course that covers the basic concepts of the Android platform. Students will learn about, Android application components, Activities and their lifecycle, UI design, Multimedia, 2D graphics, and networking support required for the development of Android mobile applications.


Prime College is the Network Academic Support Center for CISCO, one of the world’s leading networking systems, in Nepal. For this reason, we provide a Networking Academic course based on CISCO systems to our students.

Computer Proficiency Training

We provide advanced computer proficiency training to our students to prepare them for the digital era. With the help of this training, students become more comfortable working with the digital peripherals, technologies and applications, required when coping with the dynamic corporate environment.

Guest Lectures

We regularly conduct guest lectures on essentials as well as trending topics to fulfill the gap of regular academic lectures and need of contemporary world issues.

Insurance Trainings

With the objective of familiarizing the students about insurance and its legal principles, Prime College provides one-week insurance training to the students. It helps them understand regulations governing insurance business, choose appropriate insurance policies, and have knowledge about the insurance industry and business in Nepal.


Job Preparation trainings

Our job preparation training for students covers important technical skills including but not limited to: CV writing, interview preparation, cover letter designs, and so on. The training also strives to create a bridge for them to access better employment opportunities.


Becoming proficient with Linux is becoming proficient with all Unix-like operating systems as Unix like operating systems run all kinds of computing environments. We provide Linux to expand the opportunities to our graduates that continuously grow and expect to dominate in all computing environments and infrastructures.


We groom our students to become masters in corporate level applications and database systems suitable to all business needs. Oracle is the best tool for agile industrial needs and is able to handle large amounts of data without any single point failure. We provide extensive Oracle database training to our students to make them ready for the competitive market.


To educate our students about the importance of collaboration and teamwork, we conduct various team building activities. With these bootcamps, our students are able to learn to interact with people and be approachable which will help them in acquiring a job and succeeding at it as well.