Shayana Shrestha

Shayana Shrestha, CSIT 4th Sem

Being a curious learner, I found Prime College as an intercessor with the necessary resources and platform where I can explore and grow into a strong, independent individual. I chose prime because of its esteemed faculty, full-fledged laboratories and multidimensional extra-curricular activities that is helping me to develop my physical as well as interpersonal skills.

Samyukta Shilakar

Samyukta Silakar, BBM 2nd sem

Out of many colleges, what makes Prime College better is that it doesn't only provide best education services but also focus on providing comfortable and productive environment for students where we can get opportunities to become more creative. Prime college also provides various platform where individuals can express their talents and interest which helps them build self-confidence and good moral character.

Ruchi Bania

Ruchi Bania, BBA 4th Sem

Being a part of the club in Prime College has helped me learn team coordination, benefitted with my personality development and has boosted up my confidence.  I am able to Create new ideas, Initiate and Innovate them and Explore myself. The bond that we share within the club always make us feel like a part of a Family and motivates me to work with more passion and achieve heights of success.   .

Shristi Gurung

Shristi Gurung, BBS 2nd year

In prime College, “INITIATE, EXPLORE, INNOVATE” is not just a slogan but rather you get to live it to reality. Prime College is a place of learning, fun, culture, literature and many such life enhancing activities. My life at Prime College is making me stronger and taking me a step further to becoming an independent person.

Liza Tamang

Liza Tamang, MBS 1st Sem

I choose to learn from the best and for sure, Prime is one of the best colleges. Prime college has helped me to broaden my views and encouraged me to be the best version of myself. It has been great so far and I look forward to the difference in my life years down the road once I follow the path clearly pointed out for me. If you’re serious about learning, Prime College is well worth your time, money and energy.

Pravin Dhungana

Prabin Dhungana, BIM 8th Sem

The internship opportunity has been a wonderful experience and has taught me more than I could’ve imagined. It helped me realize my real potential. Faculty members at Prime College has provided me proper guidance and enhanced my technical knowledge which helped me work in one of the most reputed software development companies in Nepal.

Rohit KC

Rohit K.C, BCA 2nd Sem

I feel overwhelmed to be a part of this dynamic team of Prime College which has helped me to push my confidence, enthusiasm, potentiality and attitude. With the help of the cooperative and energetic teachers, I am able to broaden my views and learn new ideas. I am also thankful to the college for providing us with well-furnished classrooms with all the necessary equipment.