Prime College provides several facilities and amenities to help students achieve their goals and passion. The provision of these resources acts as a mediator and is part of the support system in place at Prime to guide the students in their journey and help them accomplish their objectives. 



Prime College provides students with a well-equipped library, a place where an idea comes to life. Additionally, we have over 300 internship reports, more than 450 fieldwork reports, and around 150 summer projects. Offering the students with a large and comfortable space, the library of Prime College helps the students in their academic areas as well as gain enlightenment in a peaceful environment. 

Computer Lab

The Computer lab in Prime College functions as a study station and a learning destination to help students fulfill their objectives and desires of discovery, innovation, and execution. Proffering the students with up-to-date and high-quality computing tools, gadgets, and software along with high-speed internet technology, the computer lab acts as the perfect place for the students to deal with their projects, research, and presentations.

Digital Logic Lab:

Prime College offers the students with a digital logic lab where the students can apprehend about digital computing and understand the communication of circuits and hardware within a computer.  

Research Cell:

In due respect to the paramount importance of research required in academia, there is a research cell in Prime College, which functions under the Academic Council of Prime College. It is involved in carrying out the following activities: 

  • Acting in the area of different functional areas of management and information education. 
  • Guiding and facilitating research projects and summer projects of BBS, BBA, and BIM programs. 
  • Encouraging and enabling faculty members to enhance their research skills and develop a career in academic research. 

Auditorium Hall

One of the most significant and central spaces of Prime College is the auditorium hall, a place for various activities like formal discussions, guest lectures, presentations, workshops, and other events. Prime College provides students with a fully equipped auditorium with a proper sound system, display arrangement, and a comfortable seating facility. 


The cafeteria at Prime College provides a wide variety of mouth-watering food and drink items at reasonable prices. Accessible from early in the morning till late in the afternoon, the cafeteria offers hygienic food and serves as a meet-up spot to the students. There is an extensive choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals and refreshments to help students rejuvenate themselves. 

Library Facilities and Services