Why Study Here

As a student of Prime College, you will find yourself in a place of discovery. You’ll be able to explore the numerous opportunities at your footstep and identify your potential. With a plethora of courses outside your regular curriculum and the collaborative learning environment you’re given, you’ll be ahead of the curve when it comes to developing your career.

On top of that, we provide students with many chances to begin dipping their toes into the vast world of business out there by curating job/intern opportunities for them. At Prime, we go by our motto of “Initiate - Explore - Innovate” and focus on developing our students and helping them find and pursue a career path they enjoy.

Value Added Courses

At Prime, we strive to develop our students to the absolute maximum to help them achieve their goals. We realize the importance of developing various hard and soft skills that will help pave the way towards their career. To achieve this, we provide additional courses which we term ‘Value Added Courses’.

Value Added Courses falls outside the regular curriculum and includes everything from learning different coding/scripting languages to stock market investment. The courses allocated to the students depend on their current program syllabus and the career path they’re pursuing. The technical knowledge skills imparted through these courses alongside the various interpersonal and team skills they learn along the way make our students suitable candidates for any work environment they choose.

Prime Clubs

When it comes to learning anything, we believe that students should be allowed to explore and discover for themselves. One way we let students do so is with the student clubs where they are left free to explore their creativity and find their interests while learning important skills like organization, time management, communication, and team work.

The five clubs at Prime provide a platform to the students, helping them to enhance their skills and guide them in their journey. They are all about boosting up students’ confidence, personality, and pace for moving forward in the future as well as in the job market. It is also an excellent platform for the club members to build their networks with different people and institutions while working with them on various events and projects.


Educational Excellence

Academic standards are high, and we take intellectual research seriously. Our aim is to help all students develop their academic ability and personal potential. All students who come to Prime are expected to work hard, but we also want students to develop a wide range of skills and interests during their college years. Admission is strictly based on academic achievement and perceived potential. This does not only mean an ability to pass examinations, but also requires a capacity to think, present arguments, communicate and work individually and in groups.

Students learn not only from college academics, but also from their fellow students. For these reasons, we take the following seriously:

  • Care in selecting and admitting students during the admission process. Supporting students academically and personally.
  • Provision of excellence in teaching.
  • Friendly Community.

The college is a warm, diverse and informal community. Members of the college come from a variety of places and cultural backgrounds. Central to the college is the 100+ dedicated and helpful academic faculty and staff. Student activities are mainly organized by the students themselves and participation is an important feature of Prime.

Life at Prime

Prime is about personal fulfillment. You will meet many different people, make some lifelong friends, and have a great time. Once you pass out from Prime, you will be equipped to face future challenges and create a strong mark in the world.

Prime is also the center of a wide range of social and sporting activities. Various exciting activities take place each year. Prime students manage their own clubs and societies, including Classics, Drama, and History. The Drama Society puts on a wide range of plays and shows. There are also many sports, including badminton, basketball and football.

Well-Stacked Library

The college library is well-stocked with a large number of textbooks, upgraded per faculty and student demands and needs.