Educational Excellence

Academic standards are high, and we take intellectual research seriously. Our aim is to help all students develop their academic ability and personal potential. All students who come to Prime are expected to work hard, but we also want students to develop a wide range of skills and interests during their college years. Admission is strictly based on academic achievement and perceived potential. This does not only mean an ability to pass examinations, but also requires a capacity to think, present arguments, communicate and work individually and in groups.

Students learn not only from college academics, but also from their fellow students. For these reasons, we take the following seriously:

  • Care in selecting and admitting students during the admission process.¬†Supporting students academically and personally.
  • Provision of excellence in teaching.
  • Friendly Community.

The college is a warm, diverse and informal community. Members of the college come from a variety of places and cultural backgrounds. Central to the college is the 100+ dedicated and helpful academic faculty and staff. Student activities are mainly organized by the students themselves and participation is an important feature of Prime.


Life at Prime

Prime is about personal fulfillment. You will meet many different people, make some lifelong friends, and have a great time. Once you pass out from Prime, you will be equipped to face future challenges and create a strong mark in the world.

Prime is also the center of a wide range of social and sporting activities. Various exciting activities take place each year. Prime students manage their own clubs and societies, including Classics, Drama, and History. The Drama Society puts on a wide range of plays and shows. There are also many sports, including badminton, basketball and football.

Central Location

Prime is close to the city and yet it has privacy in terms of local hustle and bustle. Our infrastructure is designed to cater to the needs of the students and support them with their academics and future goals. Those studying at Prime enjoy a beautiful environment unique in its spaciousness.

Well-Stacked Library

The college library is well-stocked with a large number of textbooks, upgraded per faculty and student demands and needs.