Teaching Supports

Research Cell

In due recognition of the paramount importance of research in academia, a Research Cell (Department) has been established in Prime College. The Research Cell functioning under the Academic Council of Prime College is headed by a PhD holder in management, and is involved in the following activities:

  1. Carrying out action research in the area of different functional areas of management (Finance, HRM, Marketing, General Management, and Entrepreneurship and Operations) and Information and management education.
  2. Guiding and facilitating research projects and summer projects of BBS, BBA and BIM programs.
  3. Facilitating internship projects of BBA and BIM programs.
  4. Regularly running training and workshops on research methodology in management for students and faculty members.
  5. Encouraging and facilitating Prime College faculty members to enhance their research skills and develop career in academic research.
  6. Publishing a peer-reviewed, blind-reviewed research journal in the area of management and information and management education.
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London-based (York University) Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert Associate Professor Dr. Suresh Manandhar provides special classes. Prominent IT expert, Dr. Bhusan Raj Shrestha, plans and supervises IT education. Prof. Dr. K.D. Koirala, a prominent management and marketing expert, guides us in our pursuit of academic excellence. Our chairman, Professor Dr. Sundar Shyam Bhakta Mathema, a prominent educator, oversees the academic performance of the college. Apart from above, the college continuously seeks qualified faculty from different fields.

Prime College’s library is for the use of all resident members of the college. Its impressive, up-to-date collection covers a wide range of subjects. It has copies of most books that are recommended for use in the courses, as well as an extensive collection of specialized texts. Our library boasts a growing collection of the latest articles, relevant books, journals, magazines and CD- ROMs on all related subjects.

Take full advantages of books, journals, newspapers available in our Library.
Mr. Rajendra Man Shrestha
Library Officer

Counselling and Guidance


The college counseling program, in collaboration with faculty members, parents and students, helps students become effective learners, achieve success in college and develop into contributing members of society. The program helps all students attain the necessary academic, career and personal/social development needed to achieve success both in college and in life.

Information and Communications Technology, is the infrastructure and components that enable modern computing. It is generally accepted to mean all devices, networking components, applications and systems that combined allow people and organizations interact in the digital world.

Prime College has a broad spectrum of ICT enabled within its campus. With 15mbps high speed internet connection connecting length and breadth of the campus, we have 75 upgraded computer systems in our labs. Prime College has always emphasized the importance of ICT into the campus and its impact in students and staffs. The Digital equipment as Projectors used as Visual Aids, Close circuit TV cameras as the means of security and also to monitor students activities are controlled at the Finger tips. High standard applications to monitor progress and using it to interact with guardians is also an implemented as part of our Research and Development. We also have a digital lab well equipped with digital circuit kits and microprocessor kits.



The new building is totally dedicated for Bachelor and Master level programs of Tribhuvan University. Our new building is fully equipped with following facilities for providing quality education to the students: 20 spacious and well-furnished classrooms, sport-ground, two conference halls with audio and video facility, sophisticated advanced internet-based computer laboratory with air-conditioned and equipped with uninterrupted power back-up system and high-speed broadband internet facility, internet-aided computerized library, roof-top canteen, parking facilities, four faculty rooms, administrative offices and other facilities. The computer labs have Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps) for high speed multimedia and video network.