Swastika Banskota, BSc.CSIT 6th Semester

Hello everyone my name is Sancia Bajracharya, currently studying Bachelors in Business Studies at Prime College, Khusibu Nayabazar. I am also working as an employee at Prime College for 8 months till date.

Since I am currently in a learning stage, I have been experimenting with my life and in this stage, I have full support from my parents in every aspect. When I decided to work as well as continue my studies, as a parent, they were worried that I would hamper my studies but they allowed me as they understood and prioritized me and my point of view. I think the best time to gain experience is in the learning stage of life. We get to learn what we are capable of and what things we need to face in the world of opportunities.

After my +2 exam was over, I visited many colleges to continue my studies for bachelor level but no college had the spark that I was looking for. The last college I visited was Prime College and that college visit brought a new turn in my life as it gave me an opportunity to showcase my ability and polish them. It had every opportunity and the spark I was looking for. The opportunities to learn new things and excel in them, the clubs that were established by students themselves, the career development centers, different useful sessions to make the students professional in their future job and giving first priority to students during any available job vacancy. The college provided me with a learning environment but also an opportunity to polish myself and make a better version of myself by giving me an opportunity to be a part of the Prime family and get involved in different activities.

After I joined Prime College, I learned to seize the opportunity and every opportunity taught me new and different things that will help me in my career. I joined different clubs like Prime Entrepreneurial Management Club (EMC) and Prime Cultural Club and have been an active member of the events. Prime college has been providing me with a path to my future goals. With the help and support of the coordinators, I have been able to face all the obstacles in my path to a better version of my future. I have got a lot of opportunities from the coordinator and every time I have any queries and problems they are always there for suggestions and solutions.

Before joining Prime College as an employee, it was a new experience for me, something that I have never done before. Meeting new people and interacting with them was beyond my comfort zone. I was never able to speak to new people, which was an obstacle to me. I am an introverted person. But these obstacles never stopped me learning and experiencing new things.

Today here I am beyond my comfort zone leaving behind all the obstacles I have experienced. The main obstacle was my shy personality and the way I was introverted, it took a long time for me to go beyond my comfort zone but as I met new people, participated in different activities I slowly got used to it. Also, during the process, I failed to express myself and be myself. I tried to fit in others shoes instead of finding my own pair. Today I happily accept what I am because where I am today is all because I am learning from my failures and mistakes.

Today I have been a little better version of myself with the hard work and knowledge that I have gained studying and working at Prime College. The better version of me can communicate and interact with different new people and work with them without hesitation. I am looking forward to learning more and gaining more experience for my future. I am looking forward to learning how to speak in public without hesitation, give presentations fluently, to establish a network with people around me, think critically and creatively and many more so that I can seize the opportunity without any regrets and overcome all the obstacles in my life.


Sancia Bajracharya, BBS

Hello everybody, this is me Juneli Sunar currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) and student of prime college. Before writing this blog, I was in dilemma from where to start and asked myself what have I done till date to write this. When Niraj sir asked me to write blog, I was telling my friends and MLRC teacher I have nothing to write and no fun moments, I have not achieved anything. I was making excuses with my reports and viva but, when I completed report, I thought of giving time for this. On July 3, Wednesday I sat down and recalled my journey it gave me goosebumps.


Juneli Sunwar, BBA