Library Facilities & Services

Prime College’s library is for the use of all resident members of the college. Its impressive, up-to-date collection covers a wide range of subjects. It has copies of most books that are recommended for use in the courses, as well as an extensive collection of specialized texts. Our library boasts a growing collection of the latest articles, relevant books, journals, magazines and CD- ROMs on all related subjects.


  • To generate and cultivate self reading habits of students,
  • To make the Student’s education meaningful for their all round individual development,
  • To make the children creative and productive citizens for the development of nation as well as genius for the international contribution.

Access Library Books and others...

Library Collections

  1. IT - Computer
  2. Management
  3. Account
  4. Science
  5. Novels in English/Nepali
  6. Poems
  7. General (Psychology, Sociology, Economics)
  8. Internship / Project reports
  1. Boss
  2. Harvard Business Review
  3. Himal Khabar Patrika 
  4. Himal South Asia
  5. Nari 
  6. Nepal
  7. Nepali Times 
  8. News Front 
  9. Wow 
  10. Wave 
  1. Annapurna Post
  2. Aviyan
  3. Gorkhapatra
  4. Himalayan Times
  5. Kantipur  
  6. Karobar
  7. Kathmandu Post
  8. Nagarik
  9. Naya Patrika
  10. Nepal Samacharpatra
  11. Rajdhani
  12. Republica
  13. Rising Nepal

Library Hours

Sun - Fri 
06:30 am – 05:00 pm 

 Lunch hour
01:30pm – 02:15pm  

Library Rules and Regulations

  1. In case of damaged of books and other library materials, the student shall be responsible.
  2. If any student wants to issue books for the new semester, the student shall be return all the books which books issued in the previous semester.
  3. Any misbehavior with library staffs shall not be tolerated.
  4. ID card is compulsory to access library.
  5. Students must behave with consideration for other users. This  means: Working  quietly in the quiet study areas. 
  6. Bringing books back on time.
  7. A fine of Rs 5/- will be charged per day, per book after due date.
  8. Switching mobile phones and mp3 players off when  in the Library.
  9. Food & Drinks are not allowed in the Library.
  10. Using computers for educational purposes.
  11. Anyone found behaving inappropriately may be asked to leave or have their  Library/IT accounts blocked.
  12. You  may borrow up to 2 books at a time.
  13. The  normal loan is for 1 month (unless otherwise specified 
    inside  the book).
  14. Renewals can be made by  phone on 4-360180
  15. If a book is out on loan you can reserve it  to be held for you when it is returned.  
  16. You can do this yourself by asking  at the Library desk.
  17.  Borrowing Books may be renewed up to three 
    times unless they are 
    reserved by other readers.
  18. To find the information you need, you Can use: the shelf labels & subject guides
    the Library catalogue on PCs in the library or at:  http://OPAC
  19. You can use the library  catalogue to: search by author or title or for a particular subject or topic.
  20. Please  ask the Library Staff  if you require any further assistance.

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