• 60512110_2236016703134909_1377226523827765248_oPython Workshop
    Python is being considered as one of the most popular programming language in the world of developers. It is used to create applications, websites and mobile apps. It is presently being used by a number of big companies such as Google, Yahoo and Shopzilla. In career prospectus, we can found a […]
  • latest_newsSUCCESS STORY: A session on FOODMARIO
    On 2nd May, 2019, the session of Foodmario took place at Prime College. The main target of this session was to enlighten with the ideas and methods, Foodmario’s success and failure stories, how it has been able to be in the position and hearts of people it is today and how it aims to bigger and […]
  • latest_newsIOST MOCK TEST RESULT
    On September 10, 2018 Prime College conducted INTRODUCTORY SEMINAR “BBM” AND “BCA” based on scope and career opportunities. Our Distinguished Speakers Prof. Dr. Kundan Dutta Koirala (Former Dean of FOM, T.U.) and Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya (Former Dean of IOE, T.U. ) both were […]
    On 20th May, 2018 Teach For Nepal took a session at Prime College for B.Sc CSIT and BBS students. Ms. Shina Shrestha, Recruitment Coordinator of Teach for Nepal gave a presentation about the context, statistics of Nepal. We would like to congratulate Teach for Nepal on achieving 5th years […]