Our Vision

We aspire to become one of the leading educational institutions, where  students not only develops intellectually but also gain knowledge with an impact enabling them to become a global citizen.


The Students:

To provide students with dynamic, interactive and technologically driven educative environment where clear learning outcomes and constructive feedback is given throughout the student’s journey. The students will thus receive an Exciting, Stimulating and Successful student experience.

The Teachers:

To offer full freedom in terms of resources bringing out their true potential when delivering high quality teaching.

The Community

To inculcate high moral and ethical values amongst the students by motivating them to collaborate with industries and communities, making them responsible citizens and ultimately good human beings.


At Prime College, information technology is integral to academic life. IT facilitates seamless integration of teaching, learning, research, service and administrative roles to provide a cohesive and efficient learning environment. The technology will integrate learning and research at the college and enable researchers to compete effectively.

Prime takes pride in its consistently outstanding academic results which is the outcome of superb learning environment, extraordinary faculties, distinguished scholars, researchers, trust and co-operation between the college, its students and their parents, its well-wishers and the society. Located in the heart of the city, the college now has 3 modern buildings with 35

spacious and fully furnished rooms spread well over 8 ropanies of land. The college has 2 state-of-the-art computer labs, a computer aided library, an audio-visual room.

The college has pooled some of the best academic facilities and highly prolific faculty members. The college continues its relentless efforts to further strengthen its faculties and environment.

Likewise, the college will continue to arrange resource persons with international exposure in various areas. Dr. Suresh Manandhar, a London-based expert on Artificial Intelligence, will continue lecturing for BIM students. Dr. Bhusan Shrestha, our advisor, an outstanding IT expert in the Nepalese IT sector, will continually oversee overall IT education in the college. Our senior hotel management instructor, with international exposure, will also continue delivering lectures in hotel management in +2 level. Quality faculties from international and domestic platforms will be invited for students to have opportunities to get broader academic and empirical exposures.

Prime is nationally recognized for offering world-class academic programs and a growing array of community and civic engagement-based opportunities. The prime experience is rich with challenges to engage the mind, and graduates leave with the knowledge, skills, and flexibility to succeed in the world.

Prime Values

1. Equality and Diversity

Irrespective of Cast, Color, Religion and Ethnicity, Prime strives to create an environment where our staff and students are treated with equality and respect.

2. Engage, Collaborate and Build Relationship

Through Positive, Supportive and Diverse environment, Prime aims to encourage the value of collaboration and team among Staff, Faculties and Students.

3. Empowerment

Through various Corporate Social Responsibility Projects and Awareness initiative, Prime aspires to create both socially responsible students and the community.

Unique than Others

Our curriculum equips students with a total skill set and promotes academic brilliance, so students get every opportunity to be transformed into winners and leaders.