Clubs and Associations

1. Prime IT Club


IT club is the foremost club which is managed by creative as well as tech enthusiast students keen to research on the latest technologies in the market and help the students to understand it in a simple and easy way. Established in 2004, the club organizes different workshops, seminars, training programs, etc. These practices ultimately help the students to get ready for their careers.

What to expect from the Club?
The main idea behind establishing this Club was to develop the IT skills amongst the students demanded in the current market. The club helps the students of Prime college to develop their technical skills as well as other transferable skills. Transferable skills include proper coordination with team members, time management skills along with others to help them establish themselves in the competitive techno-world.

Annual ICT Meet-Up:
Among these events, annual ICT MeetUp is the major event that the club conducts. This event creates a platform where IT experts(from different fields and organizations) share their knowledge, ideas, experiences, and

Events organized by IT Club

  1. Annual ICT Meet Up
  2. Session of Git and GitHub
  3. Cyber Security awareness program
  4. PHP meetup 2016
  5. PrestaShop E-commerce Workshop
  6. UI/Creative Design Workshop
  7. Training on SQL Server
  8. WordPress Workshop
  9. Internet Core Values by FISHBOWL
  10. Node.js and MongoDB workshop
  11. Startup Talks series (A talk program given by a renowned startup company)

2. Entrepreneurial Management Club (EMC)

Prime Entrepreneurial Management Club (EMC) is a team of purposefully driven individuals who believe in the power of leadership and its ability to aspire change in society. Established on July 15, 2012, Prime EMC stands tall and proud as they work together to foster the skills of:
● Entrepreneurship
● Leadership
● Management
● Networking
Moving forward with the motto of “It’s we building us”, Prime EMC thrives to develop themselves while helping others to flourish.

Every year, Prime College in collaboration with The Prime Entrepreneurial Management Club organizes a highly sophisticated and prestigious event, “The Graduation Ceremony” where the graduates are appreciated and valued for their effort, dedication and accomplishment. Parents/Guardians also accompany the graduates on this grand occasion which is hosted for an audience of hundreds of people. This event signifies the end of college and marks the beginning of a new life.

What to expect from the Club?
After joining the club, students get numerous opportunities to work on various events and workshops as a volunteer or an organizer. This will help students to improve themselves on overall development like public speaking, personality, confidence enhancement while giving the ability to pursue on removing the gap between education and the industry.

Activities of EMC
Events Managed by EMC:

  1. Graduation Ceremony of Prime College
  2. Brain Drain by KTM Consultancy
  3. Masters TOT on Business Ethics and CSR
  4. National Speaking Championship
  5. Team Building by Cloud factory
  6. Traffic Orientation of Prime Global School
  7. Khalisisi and Entrepreneurship by Ayushi K.C.
  8. Story of Food Mario

Workshops Conducted:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Leadership Workshop
  2. Entrepreneurship by the founder of Khalisisi, Ms. Aysuhi K.C
  3. The F-Word - A workshop on Facebook and Social Media Marketing
  4. Demo Workshop of "मलाई त Excel नै आउन्दैन"
  5. Putali- The Hope

3. Prime Sports Club

prime sports clubb

Prime sports club, the oldest formed club amongst the 5 clubs, was established in 2002. The main objective of this club is to support the students’ talent in various kinds of sports. The club helps to shape the skills of students in a proper manner. It has helped students to perform better in sports at any competition whether at the national level, inter-college sports or intra-college competition.

Numerous trophies adorn the college, showcasing our several achievements.The club has organized the renowned ‘Prime College Basketball Championship’ at National Levels in association with Nationality Basketball Association (NeBA). The club facilitates many sports activities where every student at Prime participates to compete, experience and honor the spirit of sportsmanship.

One of the most awaited events of Prime is the annual Sports Gala organized by the Prime Sports Club. It is a week where students, teachers and staff take part in a wide range of sporting activities. There are sports ranging from indoor like chess, carrom to outdoor activities like football, cricket, swimming to digital gaming, with the competition at its highest peak. Taking into account the physical and mental advantages that sports provide, this event is held to help the students learn sportsmanship and develop their overall personality.

What to expect from the Club?
The club is expected to provide a good platform to enhance students’ abilities by letting them indulge in sports events. It helps them shape their raw talent by making them competitive as well as dedicated towards their target.

4. Prime Cultural Club

Prime cultural club was established in 2003 to promote cultural awareness among the students regarding the uniqueness and the values of the diverse traditions in our country. The main motive of the club is to indulge the youths into the various cultures and practices which nourish the identity of Nepalese people. In respective occasions, we organize various events like:
● Vintuna rally
● Diversity day(new initiation)
● Deusi vailo
● Teacher’s day
● Christmas

Prime cultural club focuses on promoting the native customs as well as a less acknowledged culture among the individuals. The main agenda of the club is all about maintaining the identity and integrity of the and spreading cultural awareness through teamwork.

Cultural diversity day:
Cultural diversity day is the new initiation of our club and it is all about having different cultures respecting, acknowledging and valuing each other's variations in terms of race, religion, ethnic groups, religion and language. Here students will represent their culture, the place where they belong by wearing their cultural dress, performing their traditional dances, cooking their cultural dishes and more. As a result of this, the event can showcase a totally different variety of distinct societies/cultures in a specific region living in peace and harmony.

What to expect from the Club?
The Prime Cultural Club has a big hand in providing students some refreshing hours to relish the cultural vibes in order to enlighten all the youths that are responsible for maintaining cultural integrity and carrying it along the coming years.


5. Club 25 Prime Chapter


Club 25 Prime Chapter is an integral part of Club 25 Nepal and Prime College. It was established in the year 2010 following the same values and norms of Club 25 Nepal. This club is a youthful concept, promoting the value of saving lives by organizing blood donation programs. This club performs various activities related to student’s welfare, especially a blood donation program and awareness program. The main motto is to retain the youth as a regular blood donor associated with the Blood Donors Association of Nepal. Promoting the value of saving lives by giving blood is the main objective of this club. The club mainly focuses on blood donation programs as the main event every year.

Managed by Club 25 Prime Chapter, Prime College organizes a blood donation campaign every year at the college premises. In association with the Blood Donors Association of Nepal, the motto of this campaign is to save lives by donating blood. The event encourages the student to actively participate in such social service activities and motivates everyone to contribute to society by donating blood.

What to expect from the club?
The club helps the students develop a positive attitude by letting them get involved in various activities that contribute towards the society. It aims to make the students understand the value and importance of community well-being through different social campaigns.

Recent activity:
Medical Camp was organized in collaboration with all the clubs of Prime College (Prime Cultural Club, Prime EMC, Club 25 Prime Chapter, Sports Club, Prime IT club) and Prime Educational INC. This event specially focused for free health campaign where the locals and students were provided with free health services. This event included dental checkup, general checkup, and blood sugar test and blood donation.

Peoples Dental College and Hospitals Pvt. Ltd and Grande Hospital collaborated with prime medical camp to make this event successful. General checkup and dental checkup were conducted by Peoples of Dental and Hospitals Pvt. Ltd And Blood donation was carried out by Grande hospital.


Prime College has a team of innovative and enthusiastic members, also known as Creative Hub, as a wing of the Prime IT club. The main objective of this hub is to provide the students with a platform to come out with their creations and to encourage those creative minds who are willing to explore through continual productive learning and dedication. Students with different skills such as videography, photo editing, creative content writing, video editing, photography, public speaking, graphic designing and web designing/developing work together to bring up imagination into life. Anyone who is interested can participate, provided
that they must acquire some basic knowledge of the respective firm they have enrolled for.


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Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

Our BBS course provides a strong foundation in applied areas of business. This course highlights the importance and appreciation for the diversity and inter-relationship of business and management issues.