Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Our BBA program aims at developing well-rounded individuals who are exposed to a diverse range of subject areas. It also focuses on the value of gaining global business qualifications. The program covers a large area of conceptual inputs and emphasizes practical applications. This familiarizes students with the overall functioning of organizations and interactions with their environment.

BBA graduates are the prime choice for filling the middle management level positions in industries such as banking, finance, insurance, national and international non- governmental organizations, as well in the trading houses and manufacturing. Once in their middle management positions, the graduates would have the opportunity to continue their education part- time or at alternate periods, simultaneously learning their jobs and growing in their respective hierarchies.

"When students think about their career, Prime is the right choice to begin the journey. In our BBA programme, we develop students to form relationships, to learn, to develop, and to work together. We enhance the student’s capacity to lead nation tomorrow for new destinations, and new journeys. For this purpose this college has set the very good foundation of the infrastructure in the campus premises such as wireless networking and excellent IT facilities for our students and faculty members to compete the world."
niyam shrestha
Mr. Niyam Shrestha
Faculty Member
"A place with good learning environment and experienced faculty member where student can enhance their knowledge, skill and personal development. A choice of college that will never go wrong."
Ms. Dikshya Maskey
BBA Topper, 10th Batch

What after BBA ?


  1. Entrepreneurs
  2. Account / Finance Officer
  3. Officer / Middle Level Manager
  4. Marketing Manager
  5. Government Officials
  6. Teaching Assistant

BBA graduates can pursue higher studies in:

  1. MBA / MBS / MBM
  2. MIT
  3. Master Computer Information System (MCIS)
  4. Master of Business Administration (MBA in IT Program)

The specific objectives of the program are to:

Train and prepare students to take up middle level managerial slots in the business division.

Enhance and boost student skill in object-oriented business management, enabling them to understand and solve practical problems creatively and efficiently.

Provide them with education in professional management with a blend of computer and management information system courses.

Prepare students to proceed to graduate level study in business administration.

Course Composition

The BBA Program comprises of the following our course components.

Management and Allied Courses 72 Credit Hours
Computer Related Courses 18 Credit Hours
Specialization Area Courses 24 Credit Hours
Internship 6 Credit Hours
Total 120 Credit Hours

Course Composition (Semester wise)

ENG 201: English-I

MGT 201: Principles of Management

ECO 201: Micro Economics

MTH 201: Basic Mathematics-I

IT 201: Computer System and IT Applications

ENG 202: English- II

MGT 202: Human Resource Management

ECO 202: Macro Economics

MTH 201: Basic Mathematics-II

IT 202: Introductory Database

ENG 203: Business Communication

STT 201: Business Statistics

ACC 201: Financial Accounting

FIN 201: Business Finance

IT 203: Management Information System

MGT 204: Business Law

MGT 206: Business Environment in Nepal

ACC 202: Cost and Management Accounting

PSY 201: Psychology

MKT 201: Fundamentals of Marketing

MGT 207: International Business

FIN 202: Business Finanacial Management

MGT 205: Fundamentals of Operations Management

SOC 201: Sociology for Business

SOC 202: Nepalese Society and Politics

MGT 203: Organizational Relations

MGT 208: Business Strategy

MKT 209: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

RCH 201: Business Research Models

IT 204: E-commerce

Five Specialization Courses

Three Specialization Courses

PRJ 350: Summer Project

MGT 350: Internship

Message from Principal

On behalf of all the staff members, I am delighted to welcome you all at the Prime College, the first IT-enabled College of Nepal, and affiliated to Tribhuvan University. The Bachelor’s Building of Prime College conduct Bachelor’s Programs such as: BBA, BIM, BBS, and BSc. CSIT.